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Your AVCFT negotiating team has been meeting once or twice weekly throughout the semester. We have also sought input from members and will continue to do so. We heard a presentation by one of our members regarding salary concerns and will be utilizing the information provided. We intend to ask for a substantial increase, both in salary and in benefits, as part of our ongoing negotiations.

We know people are wondering about negotiations, and we want to provide an update on our progress. Negotiations with the District have been a slow and frustrating process. Here is an update on our progress.

We have met with the District eight times since the semester started. The Federation has been presenting proposals for different articles; unfortunately, the District has been slow to respond. We submitted two articles to the district in October and did not receive a counter-proposal on the first until February and we just received a counter-proposal to the second article last week.

We have tentatively agreed to language on Articles I-V.

Additionally, we signed an MOU on a new block schedule to increase the number of classes offered, which will begin this summer. In this new schedule, faculty who teach a 6:30 am class will receive a $500 stipend. 

Last fall, we proposed an MOU for adjunct faculty health care. Unfortunately, the District refused to even entertain our proposal, despite the fact that there would have been NO additional cost to them.

We will be meeting with the District again this Friday, April 14th. We are hoping to get the contract settled this summer.

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