Welcome to Fall 2023 Semester AVC Faculty!

All faculty, welcome to the fall 2023 semester!

As we stand on the threshold of another academic year, we want to extend a warm welcome to all of you on behalf of the Faculty Union. Fall 2023 promises to be a time of growth, challenges, and continued commitment to academic excellence.

It never ceases to amaze us how resilient and adaptable our community is. Your dedication to teaching, research, and service, especially in the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, is truly commendable. It’s a privilege to represent such a dynamic group of professionals.

This semester, let’s remember to support one another, share our experiences, and continue to foster a collaborative spirit that defines our institution. Challenges are bound to be ahead, but we can face them together and emerge even stronger.

To our returning faculty, welcome back! And to those joining us for the first time, we’re delighted to have you as part of our academic family.

Let’s embark on this journey together with enthusiasm and a shared vision. Here’s to a fulfilling and successful Fall 2023 semester!

-Dr. Jason Bowen (Union President) and Your Union Team.

Contract Ratification Vote (Dues-paying members)

From Dr. Scott Lee (Political Director):

The Federation has reached Tentative Agreements (TA’s) with the District on the faculty collective bargaining agreement.  We now need our dues-paying members to decide whether to ratify these agreements, so be sure to check your AVC e-mails from Dr. Scott Lee. This ratification vote will be open until Thursday, July 13th, 2023 at 8pm.

Here are some highlights of the agreed changes:

Article IX

  1. 8% of base salary, one-time off-schedule stipend for the 2022 – 23 academic year.
    1. Note: The 8% base salary goes to all unit members employed as of May 6, 2023.
  2. 13% raise will be added to all faculty salary schedules for 2023 – 2024 academic year.
  3. 4% raise will be added to all faculty salary schedules for 2024 – 2025 academic year.
    1. Note: For point (2), the effective date is July 1, 2023, and for (3), the effective is July 1, 2024.
  4. “Effective retroactive to October 1, 2022 the health and welfare benefit cap shall be $17,500 per year through September 30, 2025.” Note: The previous benefit cap was $14,500.
    1. Anthem Blue Cross PPO (4046B) plan prescription cost will now be $10/$35 (previously $5/$20) [generic name drug/brand name drug]. Rationale: There will be a $95/month savings with this change unless more than 19 prescriptions are purchased every month.
    2. The Vision Plan will have an additional $3/month cost. Rationale: The extra cost will include an extra pair of glasses within a year.
  5. Added trigger language to re-open Article IX section for part-time health care if any of the following events take place:
    1. Note on the trigger language:
      1. The California Community College Chancellor’s Office implements a benefit pool for part-time faculty;
      2. The multi-district adjunct faculty eligibility requirements change; or
      3. The insurance provider’s eligibility requirements change.
  6. Teaching independent study/work study courses shall be paid at the rate of $100 per student per unit. Note: The rate was previously $75 per student per unit
  7. Coaching Compensation: Stipends have been increased for both adjunct faculty and full-time faculty. See Article IX, Section 9.1, subsection 9.1.2, and Section 9.2 (c), (b), and (d). Note on stipends referred to in this area: “Effective July 1, 2023,

Article I

The new contract shall be in effect until June 30, 2025.

Article V

  • Update leave language/definitions based on FMLA, etc.
  • The reduced minimum contribution to catastrophic leave bank to one (1) day for full-time faculty and four (4) hours for part-time faculty. 
  • Bereavement Leave language now states that a unit member “of the District is entitled to a leave of absence not to exceed five (5) days because of the death of any member’s immediate family.”
  • Unit members MUST contribute to catastrophic leave in order to request use. 
  • Updated the catastrophic leave form.

These are not the only changes.  Links to the new contract language and the current contract can be found on the ballot and by going to Newsletter – June 27 Edition. (Copy and paste the following website in case the link above is not working: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sJIMcbmhRUiQ5tCzIVOgCU9N5N6ESyw58622uRcJvvs/edit?usp=sharing).  
If you have questions, contact Federation Presdient, Dr. Jason Bowen, at president@avcft.org or Dr. Cindy Hendrix, Lead Negotiator, at secretary@avc.edu.

Thank you for your continued support.

In Solidarity . . . For All! 

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Agreement Between the Federation and the District

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Dear colleagues!

We hope that your summer is going well and that the news in this update will make it better for you and your loved ones.
In this email is a newsletter providing you with essential and historic updates!
In it, you will find updates to the recent union election, negotiations update, PERB update, and an update on new reasons to join as a dues-paying member.
The newsletter is a Google Doc so, use the following Google Doc link: Newsletter – June 27 Edition. 

(Copy and paste the following website in case the link above is not working: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sJIMcbmhRUiQ5tCzIVOgCU9N5N6ESyw58622uRcJvvs/edit?usp=sharing)

Thank you, colleagues, for all your hard work. We are ecstatic to unveil the challenging yet crucial tasks we have accomplished for the collective good. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments at contact@avcft.org

-Your Union Team

Negotiations Update (Spring 2023)

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Your AVCFT negotiating team has been meeting once or twice weekly throughout the semester. We have also sought input from members and will continue to do so. We heard a presentation by one of our members regarding salary concerns and will be utilizing the information provided. We intend to ask for a substantial increase, both in salary and in benefits, as part of our ongoing negotiations.

We know people are wondering about negotiations, and we want to provide an update on our progress. Negotiations with the District have been a slow and frustrating process. Here is an update on our progress.

We have met with the District eight times since the semester started. The Federation has been presenting proposals for different articles; unfortunately, the District has been slow to respond. We submitted two articles to the district in October and did not receive a counter-proposal on the first until February and we just received a counter-proposal to the second article last week.

We have tentatively agreed to language on Articles I-V.

Additionally, we signed an MOU on a new block schedule to increase the number of classes offered, which will begin this summer. In this new schedule, faculty who teach a 6:30 am class will receive a $500 stipend. 

Last fall, we proposed an MOU for adjunct faculty health care. Unfortunately, the District refused to even entertain our proposal, despite the fact that there would have been NO additional cost to them.

We will be meeting with the District again this Friday, April 14th. We are hoping to get the contract settled this summer.

If you would like to support our efforts and join the AVCFT (Your Union), please use the link below and complete the online membership form.


Click here to join the union as a dues-paying member: AVCFT (4383A) Membership Form.
Should the link not work, copy and paste the following link to your browser: https://leadernet.aft.org/webform/antelope-valley-college-federation-teachers

AVCFT Website & Social Media

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This message is brought to you by Your Union Team:

Dr. Jason Bowen, President/Negotiations MemberPRESIDENT@AVCFT.ORG
Ms. Kathy Osburn, Vice-President/Negotiations MemberVPRESIDENT@AVCFT.ORG
Mr. Kent Moser, TreasurerTREASURER@AVCFT.ORG
Dr. Cindy Hendrix, Secretary/Lead NegotiatorSECRETARY@AVCFT.ORG
Ms. Carla Corona, Adjunct VPADJVP@AVCFT.ORG
Dr. Scott Lee, Political DirectorPOLITICALDIR@AVCFT.ORG
Mr. Alberto Mendoza González Larreynaga, Membership/Communications Director/Negotiations MemberMEMBERSHIP@AVCFT.ORG
Ms. Tamira Palmetto Despain, Negotiations MemberNEGOTIATIONS_MEMBER1@AVCFT.ORG
Mr. Eugene Siegel, Negotiations MemberNEGOTIATIONS_MEMBER2@AVCFT.ORG

Mr. Ahrien Johnson, CFT Field Representative

Public Comments Regarding Part-Time Faculty Healthcare and Negotiations Update

Public Comments made to AVC’s Board of Trustees on November 14 regarding part-time faculty healthcare (by Dr. Cindy Hendrix [AVCFT’s lead negotiator]):

“Good evening President Zellet and members of the board.

I am very disappointed that we have not gotten any feedback nor a counter-offer regarding the MOU for adjunct health care. Why is this? Back in October, the negotiating team was told that district counsel had to meet with admin to discuss the MOU. That was on October 18 and we still have heard nothing. What is the hold up? This MOU costs the district NOTHING and it helps our adjunct faculty tremendously. Yes, I know that the chancellor’s office still doesn’t have the forms and the process completely figured out, BUT THE MONEY IS THERE! Why should our faculty be held hostage to these processes beyond their control? Districts will get reimbursed and there is MORE than enough money in the reserve to cover any costs until reimbursements arrive.

Additionally, the Federation has submitted other articles (IV, V, VII) for which we have yet to
receive a counter or agreement. On October 13, we had a Zoom negotiation session set, which the district had to cancel. They said we would exchange proposals by email. Our articles were sent and there was some discussion during the October 18 meeting, but we still have yet to get a counter. I know both sides are busy, but the Federation needs some feedback to move forward.

I hope we can make faster progress next semester.”

Note: More information regarding Part-Time Healthcare can be found here: CFT (FAQ) Part-Time Healthcare.

AVCFT endorses Michelle Harvey

AVCFT endorses Michelle Harvey for AVC Board of Trustees Area 1. Ms. Harvey is new to the area, having moved here about six years ago.  She has been a teacher and has served in a number of administrative and executive roles in charter schools around the country.  She is currently the Vice President of Expansion and Innovation at the Learn4Life Network. She has a history of supporting teachers unions and retirement plans as a school administrator. More on Ms. Harvey can be found at: https://www.harvey4avcc.org