Public Comments Regarding Part-Time Faculty Healthcare and Negotiations Update

Public Comments made to AVC’s Board of Trustees on November 14 regarding part-time faculty healthcare (by Dr. Cindy Hendrix [AVCFT’s lead negotiator]):

“Good evening President Zellet and members of the board.

I am very disappointed that we have not gotten any feedback nor a counter-offer regarding the MOU for adjunct health care. Why is this? Back in October, the negotiating team was told that district counsel had to meet with admin to discuss the MOU. That was on October 18 and we still have heard nothing. What is the hold up? This MOU costs the district NOTHING and it helps our adjunct faculty tremendously. Yes, I know that the chancellor’s office still doesn’t have the forms and the process completely figured out, BUT THE MONEY IS THERE! Why should our faculty be held hostage to these processes beyond their control? Districts will get reimbursed and there is MORE than enough money in the reserve to cover any costs until reimbursements arrive.

Additionally, the Federation has submitted other articles (IV, V, VII) for which we have yet to
receive a counter or agreement. On October 13, we had a Zoom negotiation session set, which the district had to cancel. They said we would exchange proposals by email. Our articles were sent and there was some discussion during the October 18 meeting, but we still have yet to get a counter. I know both sides are busy, but the Federation needs some feedback to move forward.

I hope we can make faster progress next semester.”

Note: More information regarding Part-Time Healthcare can be found here: CFT (FAQ) Part-Time Healthcare.

A win for part-time faculty healthcare

“California community college adjuncts saw the single greatest gain for part-time faculty ever—$200 million in ongoing annual funding for part-time faculty healthcare…The annual infusion to the Part-Time Community College Health Insurance Program—representing more than a 40,000% increase over the previous $490,000 allocation—was driven both by CFT’s strategic plan to address adjunct issues and by the CFT Legislative Committee’s effort to address the governor’s concerns cited in his veto of the workload cap legislation a year earlier.” [Source: CFT]

This win does not mean that part-time faculty automatically benefit since it has to still be negotiated. “AB190 encourages districts to provide healthcare coverage to part-time faculty by reimbursing districts for 100% of their healthcare costs provided they:
1. offer health insurance to all part-time faculty with an assignment equal or greater than 40% of a full-time assignment;
2. offer part-time faculty the same health insurance benefits provided to the full-time faculty in the district;
3. limit individual premiums paid by part-time faculty to no more than the premium paid by full-time faculty in the district; and
4. offer health insurance coverage to all multi-district part-time faculty with total teaching assignments equal or greater than 40% of a full-time assignment.”

We are currently discussing items 1-4 so that AVCFT can bring this win to AVC. Dr. Jason Bowen (union president) and Dr. Cindy Hendrix (lead negotiator) will discuss the matter in the upcoming Board of Trustees meeting on November 14 at 6:30 PM. If attending and making a comment, be sure to get there early to submit a public comment or print one ahead of time by clicking here.

In solidarity,

Alberto Mendoza González Larreynaga
(Membership/Communications Director)

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